Utility Line Security - Protection for Your Water Sewer and Gas Lines

coverage details

  • The program is available to ALL residential customers with water lines less than one (1) inch in diameter.
  • The program runs month to month, therefore customers may opt-out at anytime.
  • The program is offered to all water and gas line customers with external service line length less than 200 feet.
  • When  a customer enrolls, there will be a thirty (30) days waiting period.
  • Coverage will be suspended in cases of nonpayment.
  • Customer accounts with Local Authorities that are delinquent beyond 90 days and subsequently turned over to collection agencies  will be removed from the program without notice.
  • Utilishield will provide qualified plumbers or contractors to provide expedient and professional service.
  • The program covers materials and labor associated with the repair and replacement of the customer’s water, line due to failure by ordinary wear and tear.
  • The program covers the water service line from the curb box to the foundation of the house.
  • Site restoration is limited to the affected area. Restoration includes backfilling and mounding.
  • Utilishield  has the right to modify this Program, from time to time, on thirty (30) days written notice.
  • If Utilishield determines that there is no coverage, the property owner will receive a written explanation.
  • All warranties are disclaimed, including the implied warranties of merchantability.

utiliSHIELD does not cover:

  • Reimbursements to the customer for work performed by anyone other than a Utilishield contractor. Utilishield will terminate coverage on lines that have been exposed.
  • Clogs or leaks to any interior plumbing.
  • Damage to the customer’s service lines caused by the actions of the customer, third parties, natural disasters, acts of God, abuse, vandalism or other abnormal causes.
  • Damages that occurred prior to the start of service.
  • Restoration of landscaped areas including sod, trees, shrubs, flowers, concrete, asphalt,  retaining walls, steps or other structures.
  • Updating and/or moving non-leaking utility service pipes to satisfy directives of the utility company or any other organization.
  • Water lines that are not connected to the local public provider.
  • Any connections and/or extensions such as water lines to sprinklers or irrigation systems, including pressure-reducing valves, back-flow preventers, and other devices connected to the water line.
  • Any section of water line owned by others not covered by the program to which the covered water or sewer line is attached.
  • Any repair required as a result of any local, city, state or federal agency inspection of the water line not otherwise covered under the program.
  • Repairs to walls, ceilings or any surfaces inside or outside the home necessary for the access and repair of the utility service lines.
  • Any damage to the inside of the home including but not limited to personal property, due to water damage.
  • Removal of debris necessary to access and repair the water line, including but not limited to temporary structures, old cars, trash, fencing, retaining walls, storage, rocks or materials.
  • Replacement or movement of the water meter at the time of repair.
  • Reimbursement for the cost of lost water.
  • Movement of any non-leaking water  lines.
  • Reimbursement of hotel or rental fees, moving and storage costs.
  • Any dwellings that are not currently occupied due to construction, rehabilitation, renovation or abandonment.
  • Liability for any environmental, property, special, incidental, consequential or other damages.
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